Owning custom made applications tailored for specific requirements of a single organization is an expensive privilege not many can afford. Using third party software solutions for your business needs is a more common case for most businesses today. Those “generic” applications are usually highly configurable in order to cover the widest range of use cases. No matter how clever the application is designed, it seems like there is always at least one crucial feature missing.

If you happen to have one of those applications, you probably have options to configure different workflows and triggers. Very often the application also offers some integration options too. Due to its generic nature, the application has to cover a variety of integration scenarios and also keep a certain level of simplicity toremain intuitive and usable. This trade-off between options and usability can result in a solution with limited integration possibilities.

Integrating our REST API method for sending SMS in such an application may be impossible since you have to configure the request type, headers, and body model. This is something that is usually handled by developers and this type of application will not allow you to write custom code. In a best case scenario it will provide you with a single input to enter the URL of the service you want to trigger, and that’s it.

Simple SMS with basic parameters

With this single input problem in mind, we have designed a method which allows you to send SMS in a single line of the HTTP request:

https://api.smsrank.com/sms/1/query?username=myUsername&password=myPassword&to=41793026727&text=Message text

This is all you need to send a message. You can even send this message through your web browser address bar, the same way you would type an address to open a web page. Now, this is something that you could put into your application without writing any code!

The response will be identical to the fully featured SMS response:

{"Successfully Sent":{"Status":"ok","Message ID":"4837556382117659528","to":"41793026727","Message Count":"1","Description":"Message sent to next instance"}}

Multiple recipients

Sending messages to multiple recipients at once is also supported, as long as they all get the same message. The URL is basically the same as simple SMS. The only difference is in the to key, where you need to separate recipients by coma.

http://api.smsrank.com/sms/1/query?username=Yourusername&password=Yourpassword&to=41793026727,6756756756&text=Text Your Message.

Closer look:


The response will be identical to the fully featured SMS response:

{"Successfully Sent":{"Status":"ok","Message ID":"4837556382117659528","to":"41793026727,6756756756","Message Count":"1","Description":"Message sent to next instance"}}

Get Balance

Get your account balance



Ultimate SMS API return response with json format, like:


Status Code

Status Message
ok Successfully Send
100 Bad gateway requested
101 Wrong action
102 Authentication failed
103 Invalid Username or Passwrod.
104 Phone coverage not active
105 Insufficient balance

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